Better World Books
Changing the world one book at a time, is a site founded by three Stanford University graduates whose goal is to improve global literacy rates and reduce landfill waste.

Better World Books runs used text book drives across the country, particularly on college campuses, and claims to have kept over 6,454 tons of books so far from being dumped in landfills. Better World Books is a “self-sustaining, for-profit venture,” not a non-profit. The site sells donated books for cheap via their online store, and donates profits to literacy initiatives around the world.

The supported organizations include Books for Africa, Room to Read, and the New Orleans Public Library Foundation. According to, so far over 11.4 million books have been collected, and over $2.75 million has been raised for over 80 literacy and education non-profits. To offset the environmental impact caused by shipping donated books to their warehouse and then to the online buyers, Better World Books purchases carbon credits – more than 2,376 tons worth to date.
Members bite back: