Weber Q 300 Barbeque
This grill builds on the enormous success of the small Baby Q (now named the Q100) and the medium Weber Q (now Q200) portable gas grills. The natural progression of course being the new larger Q300.

A generously proportioned, more permanent BBQ which is fixed to the stylish wheeled trolley or cart as its known. Designed to be left fully assembled in the garden and either wheeled away or covered.

The main difference with this new model is that is has 2 burners, this enables you to use the indirect cooking method, by leaving the P shaped burner which runs around the circumference of the grill lit, and turning out the straight central burner. You can then cook full joints of meat, whole chickens & things that need a longer time, by simply following your favourite recipes as you would in a conventional oven. Close the lid and the built in thermometer shows you the temperature inside the BBQ. This is often more accurate than most kitchen ovens, as you are measuring the actual heat inside as opposed to a guide on a dial.
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