Hispanics and Diabetes
Hispanics in the USA are no longer a minority. We are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the last decades but unfortunately not just in population. We have also increased our probability of developing diabetes. According to statistics provided by the American Diabetes Association, Hispanics are twice as likely to develop diabetes than the general population. One in ten Hispanics has diabetes and one in three isn’t aware or hasn’t been diagnosed. Even though it’s not a condition specific to Hispanics – 18 million Americans suffer from the disease- belonging to this ethnic group is considered a high risk factor. The reason for this dates back to our ancestors who had the capacity to store food as fat during times of abundance, for use in times of shortage. That evolutionary ability has turned against us now that we find ourselves in a country of excess, where food is served in large portions and the main diet consists of high fat and sugar foods. The high caloric intake, combined with the lack of exercise and genetics, are the perfect conditions for developing type-2 diabetes. So if you are Hispanic, start accepting that you are at risk. Improving your diet and leaving behind your sedentary lifestyle, and not becoming another statistic, is in your hands.
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