Don’t Play with Lead
This year hasn’t been the best for toys. Many have been recalled due to concerns about lead, a well-known health hazard that affects all of us, but especially children. This Holiday Season, parents most keep their eyes wide open when shopping for their kids. The main recommendation that the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which by the way recalled the toys that could potentially expose children to this hazardous chemical, is to read the labels of every toy you are intending to buy.

Lead can be found in the paint on toys. It can also be found in house paint, on products marketed to children and in dishes or cookware that were manufactured before 1978. Lead is widely used in other countries, so it can be found in imported toys. The thing about this chemical is that is invisible to the naked eye and has no smell. That’s why when kids lick or swallow accidentally any toy, they are exposed to the serious health problems that mainly affect their brain. This Christmas Season, be especially cautious when buying toys and also, check the toys your kids already have.
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