The Path to Happiness
As humans we spend a great amount of energy searching for the path to happiness. In the end, happiness is so subjective that we end up wasting our time searching for it and missing out on those little moments of joy. According to psychologists, it is more likely for a person to feel happiness when the mind is absorbed completely by one task that challenges that person fully. In order to do that however, that person needs to be conscious and attentive to what he’s doing. The same concept applies to meditation and spirituality. Life is now; every instant is one more instant of happiness. Want to know the irony? Watching television is one of the most common activities for people but it has been proven that it provides some of the lowest levels of happiness. Why? Because it does not require attention. And as you now know, attention is necessary for reaching true happiness. Everything seems to point to the fact that happiness is a choice, not a matter of being “lucky”. In reality, lucky are those who are conscious of this and are able to trigger their own personal happiness.
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