This School Brought to You by Indian Gaming
Indian gaming is literally considered a toss up in terms of its benefits and shortfalls, but one school in Florida highlights the positive aspects. Emahakv Charter School, located in the Seminole Brighton Reservation contains resources unheard of in any public schools and some private schools. These include state of the art facilities that cost $10 million to build, brand new laptops, Ipods that are used to teach lessons, and some of the best teachers anywhere. All funded by the Seminole tribes’ lucrative gaming enterprises which include the Hard Rock chain. For those not familiar, Indian gaming has taken off in the past three decades as tribes realized that as sovereign nations they could be exempt from gaming regulations and taxes as well, giving them a priceless business opportunity. Critics have debated over the real benefit of Indian gaming to the country at large but to the tribes themselves as well. Some argue that the resources are misdirected, namely not set aside for social programs that are much needed in many reservations. Though not all tribes use gaming revenue the same, the Seminole Tribe in Florida has chosen to use it to improve the quality of education as well as maintain their heritage alive. Emahakv Charter School aside from offering extremely well equipped classrooms, also teaches Creek, the native language of the Seminole.
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