CLEAR to the front of the security line
Tired of waiting in line for two2 hours at airport security wondering if you’re going to miss your flight to Cancun? Join the club. Join Clear that is.

Clear provides members with a biometric ID that confirms that they have cleared a background check and are not related to Osama in family or philosophy. The system was developed as a response to the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) initiative called "Registered Traveler," which wants to limit delays after the post 9/11 restrictions created by enhanced security.

When a Clear member inserts his ID into a scanner, they are then moved to another scanner that checks shoes for explosives. If a member passes, they are “clear” and sent to the front of the security line while everyone else is cooling their heels and checking their watches. Clear has over 30,000 members and is up and running in Orlando. It hopes to add more cities including JFK and San Jose this year.
Members bite back: