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Juan Carlos Obando
An amazing storyteller with brand vision, commercial sensibility, and a genuine love for fashion, JC Obando credits the iconic images of the late photographic legend Helmut Newton and the air of mystery created by the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, as the two major influences in his creative career.

A native of Baranquilla, Colombia, Obando began his professional visual communications journey in Miami, Florida. Possessing a natural ability to translate the beauty that surrounds him into tangible creations, Obando quickly transformed himself from a design student at the University of Miami into one of the most highly sought-after art directors.

In 2003, Obando created his own privately-held fashion company, Bureau Beauté, LLC which houses the Juan Carlos Obando label.

“The creation of the Juan Carlos Obando brand – from conceptualization to business development, from garment design to material selection – is the culmination of all the skills I have acquired throughout my career. The Juan Carlos Obando collection will channel all my ideas through the concept of a single brand,” says Obando.
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