Sounds from Colectivo
Puntismos says: For Puntismos readers to know who is on the “chat”, can you guys introduce yourself . . . .

Shantal of Colectivo says: Shantal, Blacky and J-Hell

Shantal of Colectivo says: Both signers and bassist.

Puntismos says: You’re in Montreal right now?

Shantal of Colectivo says: Yes, we are, freezing on the outside but warm on the inside!

Puntismos says: That was going to be my point . Where are you all from? How did you end in much too cold Quebec? There's a reason there are so many bands are in LA!

Shantal of Colectivo says:
Hahahaha. Ok... its kind a complicated: Shantal is from Mexico. She moved to qc very young, Blacky is born here but from Hatian father and Quebecois mother.

Shantal of Colectivo says:
Most of the rest of the members are blend of different nationalities, Italians, Swiss, Irish...

Puntismos says: That adds to the texture of your sound Your band is more like a party that rocks. How did this party start? How did you hook up?

Shantal of Colectivo says: We are all from Montreal's punk and metal underground scene. We were all friends to start with. So after a very boring, cold winter we decided to make reggae music and go South!

Puntismos says: The artists who play in other bands continue in those bands . . . they are not just playing in Colectivo?

Shantal of Colectivo says: Yes. Most of them still play with their respective bands.

Puntismos says: I know that you have over 10+ members . . . Like any party . . . your numbers conflate and contract . . . how does this affect your art?

Shantal of Colectivo says: It doesn't really affect it because the base of the band is always there... Sometimes we have 2 brass instead of 4. We can handle it very solidly!

Puntismos says: Right . . . who exactly is considered the "base" or "core" of the band? And is that base only playing Colectivo?

Shantal of Colectivo says: That’s why we have more than one of each instruments. The base is : drums, guitar, keys, trumpet , vocals and bass...yes only Colectivo. At the beginning the "core" was Shantal's and J-Hell's punk band called Overbass but now Overbass is no more. Too many things were going on with Colectivo.

Puntismos says: Your sound has a strong reggae groove to it. Like a latin funk. What artists influence the different band members growing up?

Shantal of Colectivo says: We were metal heads and punks, so we grew up with classic punk and metal bands. Later we discovered the latin sounds like Fabulosos Cadillacs, Todos tus muertos. So being also influenced by Bob Marley, like all kids on this planet, I guess we just did a melting pot of that!

Puntismos says: True . . . Marley has such a universal and eternal appeal. Tell Puntismos about your album Especial? What was the driving force of that work?

Shantal of Colectivo says: It was the complexity of doing a reggae and latin sound in the middle of a snow storm with a bunch of white guys !!!!

Puntismos says: Someone has to add a little season to the stew . . .

Shantal of Colectivo says: No. It was the pleasure of orchestrating all these instruments and not being over loaded and also the roots of all what their parents were listening to when they were young...

Puntismos says: You are known for your live shows . . . and certainly know how to throw a fiesta . . . tell Puntismos about the joy of all these artists blending together . . . it must be emancipating.

Shantal of Colectivo says: It’s funny because even if it’s a rehearsal its a party! Just imagine! And when you look a us we are so different, it fits!

Puntismos says: I can . . it seems like a blast . . the youngest members has 22 and the oldest has 43... A blast its only the rehearsals...imagine a tour in a bus in Mexico during 2 months!

Puntismos says: Where have you guys toured? Obviously Mexico . . .but have you toured through Central and South America? Europe?

Shantal of Colectivo says: We did a good job in Mexico and Canada, some concerts in LA and NYC...we didn’t have time yet for the rest of south America and Europe and you can imagine how hard it is to get all these people together!

Puntismos says: There’s an evolution in the music industry right now with a collapsing of the old structure . . . how does that influence your growth as a band? And does this dynamic just playing into the philosophy of the band – there are no rules . . . we play with whom and wherever we want . . . ?

Shantal of Colectivo says: We think it’s more like a real jungle now, but at least it’s easier to get to more people at the same time all over the world... its easy if you have a good branding!

Puntismos says: Do you have any specific goals for the band in 2008 and beyond?

Shantal of Colectivo says: We want to be able to live with our music and won’t be between 2 jobs. Now we are working on new material, so a new record would be great!

Puntismos says: What's the ETA on that?

Shantal of Colectivo says: End of 2008...maybe...

Puntismos says: Any new directions for it? What can Colectivo fans expect?

Shantal of Colectivo says: It’s not even done yet so we are working hard to be as original and collective as possible!

Puntismos says: Where can fans follow what’s going on with the band – touring/ albums/ etc?

Shantal of Colectivo says:

Puntismos says: Thanks so much for chatting with Puntismos. We really appreciate it.
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