A heartfelt relax
We've all had episodes in our lives that have been marked by stress. Think back to the last one you experienced. Maybe it happened during an argument with your spouse, or before and important business presentation. Or maybe it happened when you were rushing to get something done before a deadline, or when you realized you were over budget on a project.

Can you recall how agitated your heart felt? And how your breathing got heavier? If you suffer from a heart condition, you should avoid these stressful situations at all cost. Emotional stress and anxiety make the heart work harder, which can worsen the already present condition. It is of vital importance to try to keep stress under control. If the situation is unavoidable, such as rush-hour traffic, an overly demanding boss or a serious family problem, then try to find a better way of dealing with them. They say counting to ten really help. Why not give it a try?
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