Have you ever heard of Osho?
Nowadays, many people in the world are seeking their own spiritual path. Osho has become very popular in many countries in the world, and Latin America is not exception. But who is or was he and what is his philosophy all about? Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) is an enlightened mystic from India whose wisdom has impacted millions of people. He believed that the greatest values of life are love, meditation, awareness, creativity, celebration and laughter. He said that enlightment is everyone’s natural state but that we are distracted by our thoughts as well as by emotional ties to social expectations that create fear and inhibitions. He lived in the United States for a period of time and was known to be a prolific speaker in Hindi as well as in English. In Latin America there are many centers –in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina to name a few- dedicated to study the various spiritual traditions that Osho followed such as those of Budha, Krishna, Jesus, Socrates, Zen masters and many others. He never wrote a book, but his teachings are registered in over 650 books translated into many languages, including Spanish.
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