Clemens a liar . .
Sportismos really didn’t want to do another post on Clemens but feels obligated.

You know he’s lying . . . and he’s not smart enough to realize that keep running his mouth off could land him not just out of the Hall but into the next cell bunk as Bonds. See previous posts.

So, he gets on 60 minutes with 104 year old Mike Wallace and expresses his innocence. Then a day later, he produces a tape of a conversation with McNamee that seems to prove nothing.

And he sues McNamee for defamation. Figuring that McNamee would sue him so why not sue him first. And of course, then draining the impecunious McNamee who cannot afford to defend himself.

Now, he’s going to testify in front of Congress that it’s McNamee and not him that lied.

The argument that McNamee lied about Clemens so as not to go to jail makes no sense. It had no reason to fear jail if he didn’t lie.

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