Patriots finish perfect season
Props to the Patriots on completing their undefeated season. 16 - 0 in the NFL season is quite an accomplishment. There’s a reason that it has not been done in 35 years. It’s very, very hard. You have to have an excellent team. A focused team. A disciplined team. And some luck. The Patriots have had it all.

But . . .

The Patriots coronation is no sure thing. They have shown over the last 6 weeks that they are beatable. From the Colts to the Eagles to the Ravens and finally, the Giants, the Patriots have NOT been the dominating team of earlier in the season.

Teams have been able to score on the Patriots but none have been able to stop Brady and company.

Who can beat them?

I suppose that’s more the issue . . . only the Colts look like a real threat . . . as they held a 10 point lead deep into the fourth quarter against the Pats earlier in the season . . .
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